A-Z SPIRULINA  90 capsules
  • A-Z SPIRULINA  90 capsules

A-Z SPIRULINA 90 capsules


high in proteins – 18 amino acids

completes the deficient iron


Spirulina is composed in as much as 60% of rich and excellent protein – it contains more of it than pork, beef or soy seeds. It is also a natural source of easily absorbable iron, magnesium, selenium, potassium, especially from the vitamin B complex, as well as plenty of other precious trace elements, macronutrients and unsaturated fatty acids. It is the only non-animal food that contains large amounts of vitamin B12. Chlorophyll and phytocyanine, pigments contained by this green-blue alga, support digestive and metabolic processes as well as detoxify the system. Including Spirulina in the everyday diet is recommended particularly to people on the slimming diet and all those who need strengthening, purification and boosting of the body endurance. It can be also applied in the ailments caused by iron deficiencies (anaemia, fatigue).

Active substances: Spirulina (Spirulina Maxima) with protein content minimum 60%.

Dietary supplement

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