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COLOSTRUM  45 capsules
  • COLOSTRUM  45 capsules

COLOSTRUM 45 capsules

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  • Rich source of antibodies
  • May help to enhance regeneration of the body
  • May help to boost immunity.

Active ingredients

During the first week one capsule once a day with a meal, the next week one capsule twice a day with a meal, then one capsule three times a day with a meal. Children under 12 years of age — one capsule once a day with a meal, unless a doctor indicates otherwise.

Colostrum is a bovine milk extract collected during the first five days after birth. It contains a variety of substances that are to protect the newborns against environmental hazards during the first days of their life, including e.g. proteins, enzymes and active antibodies. Application of colostrum causes the increase of IGF-1, the insulin-like growth factor, that helps to reinforce and better regenerate muscles, bones, cartilage, skin, collagen and nerve tissue.

Pregnancy and lactation period. Hypersensitivity to the product ingredients. Children below 3. Before use consult your doctor.

Food supplement

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