Vilcacora 3000 90 capsules
  • Vilcacora 3000 90 capsules

Vilcacora 3000 90 capsules


Vilcacora 3000 is an extract prepared on the basis of long-term studies on Uncaria tomentosa developed according to the recent standardising procedures of the Polish Academy of Sciences, among others.


Instructions of use:
Unless indicated otherwise take 1 capsule 1-3 times daily 30 minutes before a meal. Do not exceed the suggested amount. The preparation should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and people suffering from hypotension.

Nutrients and/or physiologically active substances:

Standardized vilcacora extract (2% oxindole alkaloids), Vitamin C

Vilcacora 3000 contains a strong dose of vilcacora extract – one capsule contains approx. 3 mg of oxoindole alkaloids.
Vilcacora (Uncaria tomentosa) is an enormous woody light brown vine found at up to 800 m ASL in tropical forests of Peru, sometimes also in Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Venezuela, Trinidad, Suriname and Central America (Guatemala, Coastrica, Panama).
Vilcacora is mostly oxoindole (pentacyclic) alkaloids – mitraphylline, isomitraphylline, pteropodine, isopteropodine, speciophylline, uncarine F, (tetracyclic) – rhynchophylline, isorhynchophylline, indole alkaloids – dihydrocorynanteine, hirsutenine, hirsutine and glycosides of quinic acid. The plant contains polyphenols – proanthocyanidins, phenol and catequinic phenols, sterols – stigmasterol, kampesterol, 5-alpha-carboxystrictosidine, as well as triterpenes and their derivatives – ursolic and oleanolic acids.
The preparation contains vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and articular cartilage and acidifies the environment for better absorption of alkaloids from Vilcacora.

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